✤ dreams are indeed ambition ✤

for the very substance of the ambitious is merely the shadow of the dream

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sip the tea carefully because it's at the degree of separation
the teacup is the graphics and writing community of terza teabeef. Here you may find icons, banners, fanfiction, and the occassional original writing by Ro. From time to time, an anime/television movie video may be posted, or even character-inspired fan soundtracks may be uploaded. For the most part, however, there will be icon posts.

why "tea"? ✥ It's Ro's way of connecting her communtites together. She has a 'kettle right now for her various rp characters; perhaps one day she may even make a 'spoon or even a 'cake, though she'll need to think of an excuse for why. Besides her personal journal, Ro also has ✥cherrystu, where all Ro's archived icons can be found, for now. If you have any interest in seeing her old work, that's where it is.

credit ✥ If you wish to use any of Ro's icons or other graphics, please be sure to give her credit! You may cite either ✥terza teabeef and/or ✥terza teacup. Thank you, and enjoy~!
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